About company

Welcome to Kalle in Sellnäs and his company

Kalle in Sellnäs and his company has extensive experience in developing products that literally solve your problems. Here you will find Diesel Nectar, Petrol Nectar, Oil nectar, Super Lube and Kalle's own floor and asphalt scraper. See the movie on the page products and you will understand soon for yourself how good the products actually are.

At Kalle in Sellnäs you will find Kalle's sandbox where you can place a bridal shower, an event or company party. Imagine driving a Cat D7 and flattening the big pile of soil that your buddy just has made with a big excavator. Here you'll find lots of big machines to try. Arrangements can be tailored to your wishes.

Kalle wish you a warm welcome to an unforgettable and different experience!